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a powerful Spiritual Teaching to uplift, illuminate and empower you with the Truth of who you are becoming.

VISION a sacred text

VISION was given to the author in an flash of insight in November 2006. It is a book, a movie of the book (The Journey) and a transmitter of Spiritual light.

It is the story of the Universal Plan for the Evolution of Human Consciousness.

The Preview

A FREE interactive preamble to some Truths you may not have considered or thought about. Have fun in taking these first steps into the Truth of a New Age, whilst preparing for your Spiritual Journey.

The Journey

Begin your Spiritual Journey into God’s Vision for the Awakening of Humanity. As you read through the movie the Light will touch you and accelerate your awakening.

Bathe yourself in the Spiritual Light of VISION, which will prepare you for the Spiritual Lessons which will come later.

For a small exchange you can view the movie 3 times, but if you buy the book, then you have unlimited access to the movie.

The Book

Obtain a copy of the book and register your individual book number in the Visionaries Community. Owning the book keeps this Light of Transformation close to you at all times.

The Visionaries 

Join The Visionaries and receive regular Guidance on how to prepare and align with Universal Consciousness as it unfolds in the moment.

Coming Soon

The Source is still pouring forth Help and Guidance for your Spiritual Journey.

Soon, you will be able to share in…

  • The Spiritual Lessons
    A series of Spiritual Lessons teaching you the Universal Laws and how to use them.
  • The Guidance of a Powerful Spiritual Teacher
    An opportunity to work with a Spiritual Teacher to maximise your ability to understand and apply the Lessons to your Life.
  • Direct Connection to The Light
    Once you have completed The Lessons, you will understand the nature of entering 5th dimensional consciousness. Then you will be introduced to the most amazing opportunity to take a Direct Connection into 5th dimensional Evolutionary Light.
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