Some kind of visionary master work. This book is amazing. Not many words, but those that are there take you on an amazing inner journey. It is like someone looks into your soul from the pages and unlocks something that you can't understand as you read it. You just end up having this inner knowing that something is unfolding both within you and upon Earth at this time and we don't fully understand what it is, but that we are a part of it. Each time you look into this book, it seems to look back at you in a different way - a guiding way - an illuminating way. It's not so much a book as a tool that allows you to feel God working within you, unlocking the deepest aspects of your being. Don't be fooled - this is not a book like you have ever seen before. It is something that communicates with you like a live Being!

Love and Blessings, Rob Jones
(taken from review)

Dear Scorpio,

I received the Vision book and was very excited about it. I had to read it on the same day. It's funny but beyond the words, my attention has been attracted to the light yellow bright color of the pages coming from the center. It's as if this book is pouring with sunlight.

My Mom read it; she doesn't speak much English but she did nevertheless and I translated it for her. She was very moved when she read about "the Call".

So I'll read Vision again and again, it's working on me: I can feel it.

Thanks for the Light, thanks for your Work and I'll be more than happy to read the following books in the future.

Danièle, Switzerland

Dear Scorpio,

Have received today "Vision", I must say thank you.

I knew I had been waiting for something all this year and this is it. It's phenomenal.


Dear Scorpio,

Received the book this morning WOW, it's stunningly beautiful!

Love Corinna

Hi Scorpio,

This is the second time I've looked at this book, VISION, and I feel like I've changed again.

When I think of what it means to me to leave my ego-self it feels almost like I'm not human anymore. The first time I read it, it was a bit like being hypnotized, I knew I was being programmed with the highest Light to evolve my consciousness. The vision amazed me at the end, and I felt that this sense of surprise powered the message further within - it was an amazing feeling: a connection with humanity.

Both times I read the book, I felt bathed in a beautiful energy. I look forward to many more sittings with VISION.

With thanks and blessings.

Manchester, United Kingdom

Dear Scorpio 851,

What did VISION mean to me?

- Not fitting in with the "norm" became the "norm".

- Being alone became UNITY.


Thank you

Pauline, United Kingdom

Dear Catherine,

I read through the book in about 20 minutes but will read it through again this week and take longer. Soooo many true things mentioned in there.... I feel that no matter how often I read the book, it will always open up new insights. I love the flow - very powerful.

With love, thanks, and blessings

London, UK

Hi Scorpio

I waited days before I opened and began to read VISION, I waited until the house was peaceful and I wouldn't be disturbed.

Eagerly I began, I couldn't believe it, every few pages I had to close my eyes - I went with the physical direction, fighting my eagerness to get to the end of book - each time I did, the beat and pulse of the Universe intensified, bringing with it spectacular colour vibrations, moving in a beautiful kaleidoscope display of vibrant colours; what I could only describe as the Dance of God.

It moved beyond a spiritual connection, anchoring and integrating a deep physical connection, embracing a oneness that I have never felt to that depth before. Oneness with all of God's creation - a profound, unifying and humbling effect upon my consciousness.

Thank you. Love, Light & Blessing,
Jill Stockport, UK

Good morning Catherine and Scorpio,

Thanks so much for your email. I just couldn't wait to read VISION last night.

It's just so true. The whole thing. It was like reading my soul. Although its not really a story - its everything in one! Just indescribable.

To digress a bit - I am a naturally upbeat happy person - but, for the last year I have been filled with some sort of unexplainable meaninglessness. Totally not like me at all. I am always the one propping everyone else up. I am always the one promising a better tomorrow and raising everyone's hopes.

I had read about the Ascension symptoms and really connected with that and was glad to find some explanation for my unusual symptoms. I can look back over the last 3 days and KNOW right down to the core of my being that from the very second I purchased this VISION on-line my being began to ascend back into the light. I have had this horrible darkness lifted off me at last.

I truly feel as though I have been given new life. I am a Reiki Master and a Spiritual Psychic Medium (although I am not professional by any means) and I have tried through prayer and energy work to bring myself out of that depressed state over the last year on my own with little success.

I know now that I had to experience that darkness to remember how the light feels. And its FABULOUS!! I wish I had a pocket version of VISION to carry with me everywhere!

Its funny that my book number is 126. My birthday is 10/26 (American format); You were gifted the insight on Nov 26 - which is my Dad's birthday - and there are many, many other connections...

Thanks ever so much for all your hard work!! It has already made such a huge difference in my being - I can't wait to live the rest of the story!

Love & hugs,
Michelle x

Dear Scorpio,

Bless you for a truly wonderful book; I am generally a very slow reader so being able to read a book in half an hour was quite special for me! Opening the book there was a huge clap of thunder outside which really sums up the experience. When reading the book the words sat so comfortably, a feeling of peaceful knowingness. It was certainly not my first inclination to give feedback, yet as I was registering I decided to read the feedback and the honesty and sharing of experience really hit me in a special way so thank you to everyone for your words.

When I finished the book I was filled with a huge feeling of fear and doubt in a larger context - I was overcome with a fear of trusting, letting go - following which I went for a run which was exhausting - a strange experience for me (running and feeling exhausted). As the evening progressed a huge warmth and serenity passed over me and a feeling of joy which I haven't had for a really long time. There are lots of layers so I am really looking forward to sitting down again in a really quiet spot and absorbing the words slowly!

Andrew G

I read VISION slowly, as instructed.

As I was reading the book, about 6 pages in, my jaw started to ache. It became really, really tight and painful, like lock jaw!

Then my solar plexus chakra started to gently vibrate, then my heart, all the way up to my crown chakra. Just a tingling vibration, like a shiver. Then my teeth started to chatter!! It was all happening at once. A Bit scary, but interesting as well.

This is a power beyond my knowing and understanding. The concepts/facts in the book are familiar to me, and oddly enough, I recall myself typing some of these words these past few months. But the words in VISION seem to be presented in a much simpler, cleverer, deeper way. Each page I turned, I felt I was taking a slow step forward towards something. Like being pulled towards the sun. After about 30-40 minutes, I finished the book. All I could do was sit there staring into space. Feeling numb from the neck up.

Certain books seem to reveal spiritual truths to the reader, which are presented only at a level which can be understood at the time. Subsequent readings, often reveal further truths, as one become enlightened. This is obviously such a book - yet not. It seems to be much more than that. VISION is a gospel. It contains All That is.

Beautiful. Amazing. Divine.
Karen P UK

Dear Scorpio 851

Wow what a great read. Thanks for the book which I collected today, just as you said I would. I have just read it from cover to cover as the top tips on the cover suggest.

I am all quivery and happily excited by it. Not alone, but then never thought I was!

Hi Scorpio,

Since Sunday I have been having a series of death visions (about me) also the Angel card 'time to go' came out three times in a row.

There have been quite a few other things happening to me as well which quite frankly has got me worried. I am particularly aware of the power of my beliefs about what the universe is saying to me, so I am in a bit of a vicious circle.

I was just having a few quite moments this morning before ringing you and the knowledge came to me that this started after I wrote your cheque for the book. I feel that I am being targeted as an attempt to stop the light spreading. I work daily for the light and feel this is a very powerful attack. I have asked for protection but it feels a bit inadequate.

Please can you help? Thank You
Miss T

PS. This has in no way diminished my desire for the book, in fact my desire has increased!

Scorpio 851 replies:

The vision and images refer to Death and Rebirth, not physical death, but Spiritual Transformation. The Transformation began the moment you committed yourself to the path by writing your cheque to purchase the book. That was a perfect example of how quickly the universe responds when you take action in the right direction. What feels like attack is actually great quantities of Light entering your system. The Light was brought to you immediately you focussed your intent.

Hi there,

Just to let you know that we thought this book was beautiful; it truly was lovely.

I sat with it for an hour this evening, it made me cry. I wish you all the success in the world and that the message is heard and felt by everyone.

Much love and best wishes